Silpada ‘Perfect Composition’ Sterling Silver, Brass, Citrine, Pyrite and Quartz Charm Bracelet 8.5″

The Perfect Composition Bracelet brings together hints of sterling silver, brass, citrine, pyrite, and quartz totaling 68 5/8 ct for an eclectic look perfect for the office and beyond
MIX OF CULTURE: Cultural influences can be found everywhere you look – from building architecture to your favorite restaurant or song – and now, your favorite piece of jewelry. Mixing metals, materials, tones and textures allows jewelry to tell a narrative. Let this collection, filled with ornate detailing and organic designs, tell your story.
PYRITE: This natural mineral gleams with a beautiful metallic luster ROCK CRYSTAL/QUARTZ: This mineral boasts an abundance of varieties including clear, rose, smoky, citrine, milky and rutilated, allowing for Silpada's jewelry to be just that more diverse

$119.00 $229.00