Diamonbella 10 Hearts & Arrows 81 Facets 1.5 or 2 Carat Victorian Simulated Diamond Ring Band Set Pave Art Deco 925 Silver Cubic Zirconia cz Crystal

Most top grade diamonds have 8 hearts 8 arrows cut at best. Our Diamonbella simulated diamonds have achieved an exceptional 10 hearts 10 Arrows Supreme Ideal cut with our latest computer-aided laser cutting technology, which makes the stone a 30 percent brighter than other hearts and arrows diamonds.
Our signature 10 hearts and 10 arrows diamond simulant has an amazing 81 facets. This is much more than the typical 57 facets in other hearts and arrows diamonds. This increased number of angles reflect more light than other diamonds, and they offer edge-to-edge brilliance that explodes white and colored light, even in low light conditions, be it being across the room at a party or in dimly-lit conditions. This is something that normal cubic zirconia ( CZ ) and low quality diamonds cannot do.
Inspired by a vintage design, this romantic diamond fashion ring set is certain to delight. This ring was crafted with the finest 925 sterling silver and the latest in design, a work of art by our inhouse designers. Fine craftsmanship with exquisite details, and plated heavily in platinum for extra shine and protection. Even the side stones have hearts and arrows cutting, adding another splash of shimmers to the ring. An item of unforgettable luxury.

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