Turquoise Bracelets

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Beautifully crafted of turquoise copper and magnets
Promote pain relief improve circulation Relaxation and well being
Latch clasp


Show your True Colors with this beautiful turquoise bracelet; along with a stunning blue-green stone, it features a leather strap and sterling silver accents
THE NEW WEST: With bold gemstones like howlite and smoky quartz, this is the perfect piece to complement your plaid, suede and chambray staples. Southwestern inspired jewelry can be categorized by its Navajo or Native American patterns, fringes, tassels, warm and earthy colors and its use of materials like leather and calf hair.
TURQUOISE: Pressure-impregnated with acrylics/resins to increase strength and enhance color, it is no wonder this stone has the high value & desirability that it does